Sitting back relaxed at home, 17 days left us with many memories and beautiful stories. First and foremost I have to Thank Ramya for being with me and adjusting to any situation at any point of time.


 A lot of people asked me how much I spent. it’s  only Rs. 43,701 for both of us including food, local travel expenses, tickets (including a flight ticket back home) and shopping, which is Rs. 1560/ per day per person inclusive of everything (excluding 3.days at Lucknow for a wedding) To my knowledge, it’s the least I ever spent on any of my tours as of date. We planned in such a way that except Chennai-Agra none of our travel was more than 12 hours and ever time we took a train we managed an overnight one for more than 8 hrs journey and as its peak winter out there we traveled only in


We planned in such a way that except Chennai-Agra none of our travel was more than 12 hours and ever time we took a train we managed an overnight one for more than 8 hrs journey and as its peak winter out there we traveled only in non-ac sleeper all the time. we booked our flight before 2 months and that too the one at 2345 hrs from Kolkata. as it’s an odd hour flight which reaches Chennai at 0145 hrs we got the ticket for just 2200 per person. thanks to uber and ola for their flat lowest fares across the country. especially in Kolkata, we took shared cabs where we paid Rs.74 from Indian Museum to Belur Matt where an average Non-Ac yellow taxi charges Rs. 1 50-160 on the meter. places like Udaipur, Kashi we walked for kilometers together. Google maps was our best companion which showed us the best walking routes.


the best part of our trip is we ate the best street foods of North India. I ate as much Jilebi as I can eat in Jodhpur, Pooha on the streets on Agra, the tastiest paratha opposite heritage car museum at Udaipur, Dal batti Churma at Jodhpur, King of Omelets – Sanjay omelets at Bapu Nagar Jaipur, holy lunch prasad at Mata Annapurna Kitchen Kashi and Anna prasad at Swamy Shivananda’s Ashram and Rajma Chawal at German Bakery Rishikesh, Sweets at Kolkata and many more. We managed to eat most of the times on streets. every day in Rajasthan our breakfast was Pooha. Thankfully there was no problem on any day with the food we ate. only we place we didn’t compromise was Water.


After lot of permutations and combinations, I decided to take the cheapest and the most secured place to stay in my trip, The Railway Retiring room. Its not the waiting room with a common toilet on the station platform. they were A single room with an attached toilet and running water supply. you will have a basic neat and clean bed and table and chair and a fan. In places like Ajmer where the room was large we were given with a sofa set and a reading table, we stayed such rooms in Agra, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer and Jaipur at Rs.473, Rs. 965(for 2 days), Rs.1059 (for 2 days), Rs 739, Rs.1126( for 2 days) respectively. Rishikesh we stayed in Shivananda Ashram. for that some one have to introduce you and a prior stay with them in past is required. I stayed there in 2004 with my uncle and with his reference I mailed to the General Secretary requesting him for accommodation. they send you a application with lot of questions and patiently we need to answer them all, and all this must happen before 3 weeks. those were the best rooms in my entire journey. but the rules were a bit rigid, they follow strict timings for kitchen and if you were late by 10 min, you need to walk down the hill and go to the nearest hotel at least 3-4 km to eat something. waking up and down is a bit tough but those were the best days in my tour where me and ramya decided to stay there once we retire. they charge absolutely nothing for the room or food. we took a membership for a magazine with Rs.250 considering it as room rent.  Kolkata and Mussorie OYO helped us with their cheapest rooms Rs.1200 and Rs. 2400 at mussorie and Kolkata respectively.


my cancelled flight cost me Rs.5500 extra of which I have to spend 1200 for cab from airport to home in Bangalore.

the whole of the trip was inspired by people I met some days back in Chennai and their travel experiences. In spite of  my schedules after the trip, it took me 157 days to completely write my travel experiences. As June is already approaching again my ground work and research for my next destination will start soon,

Thanks for Reading all my stories and be connected to ready my further travel stories


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