Time to fly.

Fog all the way. our journey was delayed 9 hours all together. we reach Kolkata 3 AM. Howrah was as busy as 3 PM at Chennai Central.  we quickly took a yellow taxi and reach our hotel in KAY Road near Park Street. As its a 1 day plan, we booked a room in OYO. It was a compact and clean room. we quickly slept for some time as we were already exhausted. we wake up at 7 and had a long walk through Maidan and walked around VM. Tour North India

Monday was close to the museum. the garden was open for morning walks. we went around the garden and took a few photos. then we walked past the maiden and reached our hotel.

as my office is right opposite to my hotel, I went there to meet our Kolkata team. I was welcomed warmly. after spending some time there, my staff to me to the ganguram sweet shop on the end of the street. we ate almost all the varieties of sweets available there Sandesh, Roshgulla, Misti Dohi, Kheer Kadam and much more. It was already 1 PM by then, as we have to check out room at 2 PM we packed bags for one finally time and made our way to RK Mutt, Belur. the mutt opens at 4 Pm in the evening. as we are waiting for the mutt to open I received a  phone call from Indigo Airlines saying that my flight to Chennai is canceled as Chennai airport is temporarily closed due to vardha as winds up to 100-110 KMPH shattered the city. we were asked to select any city in India, Indigo was ready to provide tickets free of cost. we opted to Bangalore as  I can leave Ramya at my sister and I must be in Salem by 15 dec. we were told that next available flight to Bangalore is available after 24 hours and with no option remaining we accepted to book that flight. Vardha gave us one extra day in Kolkata. Skipping to go to Mutt, we again came back and rebooked the hotel. In the evening we walked up to Birla Mandir at Ballygunge. on the way back we took a tram up to Esplanade. though we got one more day at Kolkata, we were not in holiday mood anymore. we were a bit upset with the weather at home.

Early in the next day morning, we went to Dakshineswar and belur mut and reached airport by 1:00 PM our long flight to Banglore was delayed by an hour and with a layover at Hyderabad for 3 hours,  we reached  Bangalore at  12 AM and home by 1 AM,

the Succeeding days, I was on leave for a day showing all the photos to my nephew Jai and sister Sara and taking rest. Again, started working again from 16 December.


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