A Day at Ashram

Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand is our next stop after a week stay in Rajasthan. forests, temples, mountains and importantly Ganga invited us at Haridwar. we didn’t find much problem with the fog and our train reach Jaipur on time from Ajmer. we wake up at 9 AM and found beautiful mountains welcoming us. we reach Haridwar at 11 AM, 30 min behind schedule. we proceeded to the bus stand opposite to the station and waited for 30 min to catch an overcrowded bus to Rishikesh. so we understood Rule A. Always take a Vikram Auto from Haridwar to Rishikesh. Quick, easy and fast mode of transport and most importantly they go up to the upper part of the city near Lakshman Jhula where most of the city is concentrated. the bus took almost an hour to reach Rishikesh and then another 30 min to reach the Ashram.

Rishikesh., Gateway of Garhwal and the Yoga Capital of the World. the city is full of yoga centers, ashrams, and foreigners. Ganga enters the plains from here leaving the Himalayas. this was my fourth visit and first time to Ramya. my visit to Delhi is incomplete without visiting Rishikesh. thanks to my grandfather and my uncle who introduced the Divine life society / Shivananda Ashram when I was very young. the ashram, the gardens, their food, timings, everything had a special place in my heart. this was the place I least used my camera and did nothing except rest, eat, see Ganga chat with Ramya.

I wrote to the ashram general secretary 45 days prior to my visit for booking accommodation. they have strict rules to stay there and especially regarding dining hall timings. I requested them for an accommodation at Govind Dham which is on the top of a small him and gives stunning views of the valley and Ganga. without a breakfast walking up the hill tested our stamina. we somehow managed to reach the room. it was a huge room with 3 beds and in that shivering cold climate, a bath with running super hot water made us feel very comfortable.  we quickly left to the famous german bakery and had my regular item, Rajma Chawal and walked along the bank of the river towards the ram jhula and rested in the room for the rest of the day.

the next day we went to Haridwar, spent some time at Har ki Pauri then returned back. after a huge meal at the ashram, we took rest and by night we reach Mussoorie. Mussoorie welcomed us with a bad new. Our Cheif minister passed away after a brief illness. the whole night we were watching the news. the next day we had a joy ride in the ropeway and found everything in Mussorie very boring. and the bus service from Dehradun and back were not so very organized.

with this, we put a short pause to our tour and returned to Delhi to attend a wedding.  our next journey started from Lucknow to Kashi and Kolkata.


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